The customers of SDMS SA

The Canton of Vaud

In the Canton of Vaud the electronic notary register and the electronic archive are integrated in the cantonal work and delivery platform “ReqDes”. This electronic delivery of documents and official copies of documents was developed by the Canton of Vaud. It is the first canton in Switzerland with such an electronic connection between all notary’s offices and the cantonal administration.

The IT specialists at SDMS SA work together with the Canton of Vaud by regularly looking after and improving the integration of the electronic notary register and the electronic archiving system in “ReqDes” and adapting the systems to the latest regulations in effect.

The Canton of Geneva

In the Canton of Geneva various guidelines on electronic business transactions are currently being expanded and adapted. We support the responsible bodies by providing the corresponding specialist know-how.

In a first step the canton introduced the electronic notary register in which the Geneva notaries and their digital signatures are managed.

The Swiss register of testaments

The Swiss register of testaments (ZTR) is run by the homonymous companyon behalf of the Swiss Notary Association (SNV). It gives Swiss notaries, lawyers and official bodies/authorities the possibility to register the dispositions of property upon death and incapacity mandates that are stored with them at a central location. In the event of death/legal incapacity, the register of testaments provides quick and reliable information to answer queries regarding the registered place of deposit and therefore enables the instructions and wishes of the author to actually be carried out.

In addition to the traditional paper method, since 2016 the ZTR has given its customers the possibility to handle their registrations and enquiries online via a modern portal developed specifically for this purpose, which clearly accelerates the work processes on the customer side and the register side.

In this business area the ZTR meets the necessary high requirements in terms of confidentiality, data security and traceability. SDMS SA developed the system and works closely together with those responsible in order to ensure that these requirements are met at all times and necessary expansions can still be carried out in a timely manner, however.

Basically the offers and services of SDMS SA are aimed at all cantonal administrations in Switzerland and notary trade professionals. All cantons can benefit from the developments.

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