Register solutions of SDMS SA

In cooperation with the Canton of Vaud, SDMS SA has created an electronic register for notaries and their digital signatures. It has a modular design and therefore enables several cantonal registers to be run in parallel by the respective responsible supervisory authorities.

Register of electronic signatures of Swiss notaries

This register, which currently comprises all notaries in Vaud and Geneva, provides the following advantages:

  1. It gives the registered notaries an electronic identity awarded by the cantonal supervisory authority.

  2. It guarantees a qualified electronic signature, which enables notaries to sign electronic documents in a notarial capacity and to receive the regulated cantonal electronic seal. The register therefore confirms the status as a notary in the digital world.

The register of electronic signatures is regularly updated and enables a qualitative examination of the status as notaries.

The Vaud register is run by the head of the legal division of the Department of Institutions and Security.

The Canton of Geneva has the same register, run by the Department of Security.

The register of electronic signatures is linked with the electronic archive and controls access to the stored official copies of documents in such a way that all notaries and their staff may retrieve only their own documents.

Automatic delivery of the electronic signature, of the confirmation of federal admission and of the cantonal notarial seal

After the Ordinance on the Issue of Electronic Public Documents and Electronic Certification (EÖBV) came into force on 1 February 2018, SDMS SA, in cooperation with the Federal Office of Justice, created an interface between the cantonal and federal notary register. This enables all registered notaries – in a single step – to obtain both the cantonal notarial seal and also the federal confirmation of admission (from the UPReg/notary register) by means of the «LocalSigner» signing application.

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