Support solution for SDMS SA

Starting February 1st, 2019, support is available via a SAE pay telephone hotline.

The SAE is available from Monday to Sunday, by prior appointment.


We advise you to consult the SAE checklists before requesting telephone assistance.

  1. E-mail
    Please send an e-mail to sek - at - and propose a date and time. Please do not transfer documents subject to professional secrecy. If you wish to confidentially transfer documents to the SAE, please use the confidential contact form of the Schreiber Law Firm in Berne:

  2. TeamViewer
    Before calling, please download and launch TeamViewer Quicksupport or TeamViewer 14.

  3. Call
    At the time agreed by e-mail with Mrs. Claudia Schreiber please call the paid number 0900 000 160 (4.00 CHF / minute).

Please prepare in advance the following information:

The electronic assistance service for notaries and lawyers (SAE) is an independent service provided by the Association of Bern Notaries (ANB) and the Association of Bernese Lawyers (AAB).

Docarit Sàrl and the Schreiber Law Firm in Bern are implementing this support service.

SDMS SA supports this service (notariat VD, GE).

Electronic assistance service for notaries and lawyers (SAE)